Finally, a pharmacy solution for college students.

BeRx is a specialized pharmacy benefits solution from CHP, an innovative provider of insurance solutions. 

As CHP’s student health arm, CHP Student Health believes that by engaging students in their health plans, they’ll lead healthier lives and become better lifelong consumers of healthcare. BeRx works to further this mission by helping students Be Empowered by, Engaged in, and Educated about their prescription plans.

The development of BeRx addresses a problem we’ve identified in the market. We know that college students utilize their health plans differently than the rest of the population — and we’ve built plans exclusively for them. We also know that a traditional PBM offers little value to this very specific and unique age group. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Kroger Prescription Plans to develop the only PBM built exclusively for the college student population.


BeRx, from CHP, is a student-focused pharmacy benefits solution designed to meet the unique needs of the student population.

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